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Fluff Pulp/IP/WY/GP/DT

We are marketing the main brands of fluff pulp and make it as our service to our customers. The following is of our lead products from IP. For other brand's specification, pls kindly contact us.

RW FLUFF 160 N Pulp, manufactured at International Paper’s Riegelwood Mill, is specifically designed for the use in absorbent products such as baby diapers, adult incontinence products, feminine hygiene products and airlay substrates.
RW FLUFF 160 N utilizes a proprietary process modification with a light application of a FDA/BfR/REACH approved debonder resulting in reduced mullen, lower fiberization energy, and improved fiberization. RW FLUFF 160 N improves fluid penetration and total absorption capacity vs. other lightly treated fluff pulps. RW FLUFF 160 N is specifically designed for the customer who needs a higher brightness pulp.