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Perforated PE film

Our primary competitive advantage is our ability to modify film surfaces to impart unique performance characteristics. The perforated films have tiny funnels that direct fluid away from the skin and keep it from flowing back.

Innovative products developed by our engineers creatively apply polymer formulations and film surfaces and substrates modified to behave exactly as you need them to. Thickness, strength, stretchability, softness, moisture barrier, microporous and macroporous breathability, adhesion, printability ­these attributes and more can be precisely engineered through techniques and processes perfected by our polymers and packaging specialists.



Dry ,soft and comfortable
Excellent strike-through quality
Exquisite pattern design
Basis weight:  22-30gsm
Width: less than 1.6m
Diameter: 580 mm, 460mm, 750mm
loading capacity for 40HQ: 4.5-5.5 Tons


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