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Breathable Film
Applied as back sheet in diapers and sanitary napkin pads.
Features of breathable film:
1.Outstanding Permeability
2.Breathable films,with excellent and even moisture permeability,can dispose of heat and moisture effectively.
3.Skin-friendly Softness
4.Breathable films,with great hand feel,make your products soft and comfortable.
5.Best Physical Properties
6.Breathable films have excellent elasticity properties.
Specification of breathable film:
a. Breathable film(GOM-BF)
Basis weight: 15-70g/m2
Width: less than 1.65 m
Diameter: 400-500 mm or 3000m/roll
40, HQ: 20-25T
b. Embossed breathable film(GOM-BF-E)
Basis weight: 25-40 g/m2
Width: less than 1.65 m
Diameter: 400 mm or 3000m/roll
40, HQ: 21-26T

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