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Full- Servo Adult Diaper Production Line

Technical Specifications

Machine Name

Full- Servo Adult Diaper Production Line

Designed Speed

250pcs/min (Size M)

Stable Speed

180-220 Pcs/Min (Size M)

Work efficiency


Passing rate


Power Supply

3 phase, 5 wires (380V, 50 Hz)

Compressed Air Supply


Installation Power Capacity

about 550 KW(Final confirmation according to the machine design)


70 Tons approximately

Machine Direction

It’s depend on client’s final decision

Machine Color

It’s depend on client’s final decision

Machine Size

45.0m x 10.0m x 6.0mL x W x H

Product Type

S, M, L, XL total 4 sizes of I&T Type Adult Diaper

Functions and Features:

1. Fully servo driven system.
2.Unwinding system with tension control.
3.Full speed auto splicing system.
4.Pneumatic shaft for raw material fixing.
5.Auto-reject system.
6.Edge guidance system.
7.Touch screen control panel, control with picture.

Our Services:
8.Our warranty period is 12 months.
9.We provide mechanical and electrical support of machine installation at customers facility, and training.
10.We have top technicians around the world, we can dispatch them to customers facility for operation, maintenance machine for long period.
11.We offer life-long after sales service for our machines.